Gulli Bot

New Search Feature

by Bentley Davis

We’ve added a Search function to Gulli Bot! As we thought about Gulli’s target audience, we realized not everyone has time to dig through all of the layers of analysis for each claim.

Now you can type a keyword into the blank field on top of the main claim and Gulli Bot automatically serves up results.

We are working on a Frequently Asked Questions feature for each analysis, but, for now, the ability to search seems to be the best solution for getting you the specific information you need. Our claims search engine even handles misspellings (although sometimes the results may seem unrelated).

Hop over to our analysis of Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine and give it a try!
What’s next?

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress and new Gulli Bot features in our ongoing efforts to bring clarity to complex and contentious issues.